Modern solutions are simple.

P-I simply improves the quality of life of professionals and patients. By re-thinking products, techniques and technologies, treatments are complete and safe, exactly how our founder and Osseointegration pioneer, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, envisioned and idealized.

Simplifying is our way of enhancing implant dentistry while ensuring and providing for the well-being of people.


Technologies for each clinical case.



Our Implants combine geometric characteristics associated with specific surgical protocols allowing for easier and simplified application. They provide maximum bone contact, high stability with a balanced torque.



The last creation of Professor P-I Brånemark, the Hybrid Functional Implants exhibit eccentric apical chambers responsible for increased bone neoformation.



Developed by Ospol® Sweden and in clinical use since 2006, the Solid Hybrid Implants feature contemporary designs and an advanced Morse Taper Interface.   



The modern surfaces offer various characteristics for osseointegraTION success.


Widely Documented
Developed at the Department of Biomaterials of the University of Gothenburg - Sweden, and documented by recognized scientists.

Evolution of a Modern Surface
Features a minimally rough topography, a patented evolution of TiUnite®.
Bioactive: It is obtained by anodizing and incorporation of ions (chemistry).
Similar bone to implant contact results when compared to moderately rough surfaces.

Better Long-Term Perspective
Less prone to bacteria adhesion than machined surfaces.
Favors mucosa adhesion offering a better long-term hypothesis for the non-progression of biofilm mitigating periimplantitis risks.
Improved success prognostic and treatment longevity.


Advanced Technology
Obtained exclusively by mechanical subtraction methods, microblasting and atomic-controlled bombardment.

Minimally Rough and Nano-Structured
Complex microstructures and nano features in a minimally rough topography. Efficient for healing especially during the initial healing period.

Increased Bone Areas
A complete solution to address a wide range of clinical cases.
Shows slightly increased bone areas in the 3-week period when compared to Ospol® Surface.




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