Morse Sealing.


MODERn Morse Taper


Easy, Safe and Simplified Installation (!)

Conical Drills have the same Implant geometry
Only 2-3 Drills to install Implants Ø3.75
No pilot drill, counter sink or screw tap required

High Primary Stability. Balanced Torque

Hybrid macro geometry
Conical apex | Parallel body | Slightly conical coronal flange

Short Implants from 6 mm

Ø3.75 and 4.8

Cortical Preservation Potential

Micro Threads up to the platform flange
Better stress distribution to tissue and higher coronal strength

(!) See Surgical Sequence.


Microbiological Sealing

Absence of leakage and micromovement
Efficient Morse seating of Components including during provisionalization
Very stable and strong Interface

Superior Esthetic Results

Platform Switching and Micro Threads in all diameters
Concave emergence Components to enhance esthetics
Increased biological width
Better hypothesis for cortical bone preservation and soft tissue maintenance

High Preload Screw

Low friction biocompatible coating
Sealing and complete seating of Components
Same Screw for all Components*


SmartPegs are available for all P-I Interfaces. Please refer to
* Except Locator® and Straight Conical Abutment.


Prosthetic Reversibility

Retriever reverses sealing without stressing tissue
Hexagonal indexation

Multi Platform

Use of any Component on any Implant
More Component diameter options for all Implant platforms

Placement Oriented by Biological Width. Flexible Positioning

Ideal positioning oriented by tridimensional biological width
Possible placement slightly below crestal margin or further submersion*
Conical Interface of 17°

Mountless Installation

Insertion Driver with biological width, esthetic and dimensional references
Same Driver for handpiece, manual use and Torque Wrench
One Driver for all Implants

* Please verify available prosthetic Components and consider clinical anatomic limitations and requirements prior to Implant placement.






Prosthetic Solutions


* Morse Taper Straight Conical Abutments can be used for single prosthesis. Please select engaging Components.
** Please refer to CAD/CAM Solutions including:





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