The P-I philosophy has always been driven by values which are essential for modern implant dentistry.

We strive to improve the quality of life and offer the best treatments to all. This is to be achieved by the simplest and safest way possible.


A great legacy

The P-I name comes from our founder, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the Swedish physician who researched and developed the combination of procedures and devices that today rehabilitate millions of people throughout the globe. He introduced Osseointegration to the World.

Seeking the well-being of people in a simple and effective way, he created the product lines and the philosophy of the P-I Implant systems that, through his experience and network, provide better hypothesis for safe, simple and lifelong treatments. His legacy inspires and influences us, every day, in all we do.

Our product lines were developed by Professor P-I Brånemark jointly with clinicians and scientists in recognized entities to meet modern implant dentistry demands. To further complement our portfolio, Ospol Sweden, a company with outstanding technologies was acquired. Presently, the P-I solutions, trademarks and intellectual properties belong to the SIC invent Group, Switzerland.

Following our legacy and based on scientific evidences, P-I’s objective is to provide solutions comprising of:

. Simplification
. High Performance
. Safety and Longevity

With smart solutions for professionals, we transform peoples’ lives.




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