AMP | Functional

Intellectual Property and development of Professor P-I Brånemark designed jointly with renowned professionals

• Easy, Safe and Simplified installation (!)
. Special Conical Drills have the same
     geometry of Hybrid Implants
   . Only 2-3 Conical Drills to install
     Ø4.0 Hybrid Implants
   . Does not require pilot drill, counter sink
     or screw tap


• High Primary acheter du cialis en ligne Stability, Balanced
. Hybrid Macro Geometry
     . Conical Apex | Parallel Body | Slightly
       Conical Coronal Flange
   . Rounded single threads* | Torque Balance


• Short Implants from 7 mm
. Ø4.0 and 4.8
   . Apex with 4 cutting areas
   . Recommended for partial prosthesis



(!) See Surgical Sequence

* Except for AMP Ø4.8 - 2 thread entrances.







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